Thursday, May 12, 2016

Updated Succulent Propagations

A little over a month ago I decided to see if my green thumb was any good at propagating succulents. The process was something I only have read about, so even though I had the knowledge, I was still nervous to try. Why? Because I feel like I am a newbie when it comes to plants, gardens, growing food, and flowers - ultimately I was worried that I was going to kill everything.

You can read about my succulent destruct.. how I began this process.
The photos above were taken through-out the first two weeks of propagation. No change at all. 
The two photos above were taken the third week into propagation. Little roots and leaves have started to grow. Hooray! 
Above and below are photographs taken 5 weeks into propagation. I was away from the city during the first month mark, so I was unable to take an updated photo, however, I am blown away by the 5th weeks result. Ever single leaf (minus 2) are now in the process of growing a little succulent babies. I love seeing the roots and leaves form on the tips of the old.  

The stem is probably my favourite part of this whole thing. I didn't realize that it would grow multiple baby succulents, I had assumed it would only be one. Very, very pleased. 

I now need to wait for these babies to grow a bit larger and then I will have my very own succulent forest! Cannot wait! I do have to say that this whole thing has been super satisfying. I recommend trying it the next time your succulent becomes to leafy!! 

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