Friday, May 20, 2016

Project 366 // Days 133 - 139

133. Working on something pretty exciting. I was getting stuck in my novel writing; I decided to work on drawing out my world map. It has been giving me so many awesome ideas. 
134. Weekends are for daddy snuggles and Facetime calls. 
135. The last of my Mother's Day bouquet is hanging up to dry. 
136. EE! Today my husband managed to find me Alice, Minnie Mouse, and the Ursula Disney Mini-Figures. So far these guys are my favourites. Characters from Alice in Wonderland, Minnie & Mickey Mouse, and Villains. I worry that next time Lego is going to bring out something like Beauty & the Beast - then I will HAVE to get them all. 
137. Bug really loves helping me out around the house. Because of this, I let her try out many of my different chores to see which one she likes or which ones she gets bored of. As of now, folding laundry is her favourite. 
138. Growing plants in water is a new love of mine. Two new leaves, extra long roots, and we add our moss to the vase. It makes for a pretty centrepiece. 
139. It has been raining for a few days now, for which I am forever thankful! We needed it so badly.

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