Tuesday, May 10, 2016

April Colours : the Temperature Blanket

Oh April, why are you so warm? I remember April being cold in my Youth. With snow on the ground, we bundled up warm, and had a hotdog roast on my birthday which is at the end of the month. This year, Bug and I put on sunscreen and enjoyed a nice little walk in a park nearby as we waited for my husband to come home. This has been the hottest April that I can remember. 
With April warmth comes the usage of Orange and Red yarn. Red is the hottest colour that I have for this blanket and I have already used it twice. Green is fading away slowly, just like spring is fading into Summer. I am loving the vibrant colours next to each other.
Above : From January to the end of April.
Above : one foot on April, the other on January. 

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