Thursday, April 28, 2016

Taking A Break

It has been a little while since the last time that I have blogged. My days have suddenly blurred and I have been describing myself as running around like a chicken who has lost its head. I feel as if I have lost my head. It seems ridiculous to type that, because even now I wonder why I feel like such. We have had intense moments of busyness, mixed with quiet days at home. I think I have just gotten so behind my mental list of things to do that it feels as if I am scrambling. Trying to get things done. Pretending like I am in control.

And then I wonder, who cares about my mental list? Isn't the whole great thing about being an adult is the fact that I am in charge? I can choose what gets done and when, and when it doesn't get done, I can breathe and hope for tomorrow? My lists can change and I can adapt? Why am I running around in such panic? Let it go ...

So today Bug and I found ourselves out of the house for a two hour adventure. Our only plan was to pick up a couple of ingredients for some delicious Harry Potter themed drinks for Girls Night. We found ourselves walking to the mall: we bought some fries, made friends with an elderly lady, picked dandelions, ran on all the grass patches we could find, and waved at ALL of the bus drivers. I let go of the "need to do" list and enjoyed a lovely afternoon with my baby girl, who is growing up way too quickly. And I found myself loving every single minute of it.

I need to remember to slow down. I need to be more intentional. I need to be more patient and more flexible with myself. Otherwise I will miss out on afternoons like today.

Since I do have a rather busy week coming up and I really do need to get some things done, after Saturday (the 30th), I will be taking a week (maybe week and a half) break from the blogging/Instagram/FB world. It is my hope to be back and ready to write on the 9th (Monday), but that is one of my problems - setting dates and timelines for myself.

I want to take that time to be away from the internet (thank goodness I am traveling somewhere that will have NO internet), prioritize my focus on certain things that do need to get done, be more intentional with my time when it comes to my family and friends, prioritize my time with God, and spend the majority of my time out in Nature.

It felt wrong to give myself a bit of an internet break without first blogging about it. I want to keep you guys in the loop. I have my Project 366 post ready for tomorrow and another post for Saturday that I am really excited to share with you guys. And then I will be on my little break.

Ultimately it is my hope to relax. To remember to enjoy the moment. To find the adventure. And to stop putting ridiculous amounts of pressure on myself. xo

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