Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Stylized Viking A-Frame Tent 2.0

My father has done it again. He has built another beautiful Viking Tent and I got to see it with my very own eyes a couple of weeks ago. I am always impressed with what he builds, but I find his tents to be amazing.

He had started his love for building stylized viking tents back in 2013. If you want to see a post I did of his first tent, feel free to click here. Yet he found it difficult to travel with, so his next challenge was to build a tent that could break down enough to fit into his car.
He did it! My dad says that there are a few differences from this tent to the last, but the main one is that all of the pieces can break down in half form, which turns a 10 foot tent in length, down to 6. I could tell that he was super pleased with it, how can you not be, I personally would spend all summer in this kind of tent.

I am also always impressed with how much room there is on the inside as well. Last summer I was able to spend the night in his first tent, which I really liked, so it is my hope that I will carry on the "tradition" and come back here this summer for some awesome weekend relaxation! Dad, you rock! 

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