Friday, April 15, 2016

Project 366 // Days 98 - 104

98. I love evenings like this. After walking and playing at the park, we bought some treats and decided to work on our new puzzle. Can we do this every day? 
99. Winds bring the craziest of clouds to my back window. 
100. Messy houses mean that fun was had, right? Love hearing all of the laughter from my child as she interacts with her little girl friends. 
 101. We find treasures on our walk and bring them inside to live with our favourite plant. The pinecones and piece of cedar are from two separate adventure walks. 
 102. We decided that our wall art needed some stickers. She was beyond happy. 
103. Gorgeous colours. It is becoming a nightly habit to look at the sunset and admire the beauty before bedtime. 
 104. We finished the puzzle, however, my rascal of a Husband kept a piece hidden until the end so that he could put the last one in. Just rude. That is MY move! ;) 

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