Saturday, April 09, 2016

My Favourite Part

I love the beginning of a project. The thrill and excitement and curiosity of how its all going to turn out. The possibilities are endless. The patterns are many. Even if I have to stare at it for a while before I even dare touch it, that is a favourite part. As I go and make an excuse of needing another cup of coffee, my heart and mind is left on the project, on how its all going to turn out, on what I need to do. 
This is the beginning for me. I did not knit these squares. I did not spend the many hours constructing them, I did not count them stitch per stitch, row per row. My Oma worked on all of them and now I have the privilege of putting them together. This is my favourite part. This is where the adventure really starts. My Oma laid down the foundation and now I can whisper 'what if.'

Now it's my turn. To lay them out. To switch out colours. To figure out what needs to go where. It is my turn to think on it. To get another cup of coffee and think some more. To come back up to the room and to throw them around a little. Blue on blue. Where are you going to live? And when I am satisfied, when my heart yells 'yes' and a grin comes across my face, that is when I will take up my crochet hook and begin the process of joining them together. To transform these squares into something of comfort and warmth, into something strong and big, into a blanket that will keep my Oma warm.

Yes, this is my favourite part.

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