Saturday, April 02, 2016

March Favourites

April is my Birthday Month so it is definitely a favourite of mine. When talking to a family relative about my birthday I realized that I am turning 26 on the 26th - this IS a good month for me! :) I will be celebrating harder than normal, that is for sure. 

March is gone. Dear, dear, March, you were too short! With two Maker Series this month, March was definitely a fun one. I had so many good conversations with artists - getting to know them more, hearing their stories, their hearts, their passions - it has to be one of my favourite things of all. I spent the month organizing Bug's little room, spent time with my brother before he moved to Vancouver, tried my hand at gardening, tried to catch up on my reading list, worked with yarn, and took more sunset pictures than you probably enjoyed. I just cannot help myself, sunsets are another dear love of mine. 

With March gone, and April currently here, I am sitting reflecting on all that I would love to get done this month. Maybe it's the fact that it is my birthday month, but I feel more deep in thought than ever before. So many wishes, todos, dreams. Sometimes it is hard to stop and focus on even just one with all of them swarming in my head and heart. But I will try to focus. Otherwise I will be completely useless. 

With April here it is my hope to post more of the knitting projects that I have been doing - the finished projects that I have sat aside for the moment. It is my hope to read more than I have been. To really focus on my writing. To be more intentional. To tackle that ever growing todo list. To put down my phone and enjoy the moment more. To go on more walks. And to remember to just be, be happy, to be me. 

Before I get to into my April goals, I want to share with you the posts that have made it into the most viewed list for the month of March. Here are 8 of them that you have all loved. Thank you. xo 

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