Monday, April 04, 2016

March Colours : the Temperature Blanket

I know that I have said this before, but I have never been so interested in the weather temperature and forecasts as I have been with this crochet project. The Temperature Blanket. At first I was having my husband find the temperatures of the day as a way for him to be a part of this blanket too, but I have taken it over because usually I cannot wait until he gets home before I have crocheted my row. 
I have never wished for it to snow after the Christmas Holidays before either. I assumed that we would have an actual winter here in Edmonton, that I could use more of my bright blue (-9 - -18) and purple (-19 - -27) yarns. I even have a purply pink for extreme cases of -28 and below! Not the case! I was hoping for a cold spell in March, to kind of make up for our winter. Unless you count the four days of -1 - -8 weather, my cold spell didn't come. The picture above shows the four cold days in March that we had.
From January to the end of March and my toddler painted toenails. 
Regardless of colours and temps, this blanket is still my favourite thing to do ever. Nothing but smiles when I crochet my row (or rows if I am a couple of days behind). I love that it is now a great size that it works as an actual blanket for my legs as I complete the new row. I do like seeing how the weather has changed from slight cold to warm spring. And now that we are in April (SPOILER), I know that I have two orange rows (+16 - + 24) waiting for me. Cannot wait. I just hope that by the end of the year (hopefully before December hits) that I can use up some more of my purple yarn! 

Here are my January Colours and February Colours if you'd like to see them. As well, my very crafty and lovely Aunty is also making a Temperature Blanket. She uses a double crochet and with her colours of choice and location difference, it has become such an amazing blanket, big too. It is lovely and the contrast between hers and mine just shows how such a project can change from person to person. Love it.  

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