Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Green Thumb : Attempting to Propagate Succulents

I am definitely not an expert when it comes to gardening or growing pretty, green plants. I feel like that was always my mother's gift. Every year that I grew up in her house there were flowers inside and out. Looking back I feel like I took her gift for granted when I should have been out there asking questions, getting my fingers dirty, and learning. Now, as an adult, I feel like I am faking it. "Let's see if this works." Thank goodness for mother's who don't get tired with the millions of questions and for Pinterest. What would I do without you two? ;)

One of the things that I needed to fix yesterday was my little succulent. He has recently become not so little and very leggy, and according to the internet, that problem could be remedied. Using this post as a guide, Bug and I sprung into action and began to pull off the leaves as well as removed the remaining succulent from its stem. Why would I ever do that? ;)

I love that nothing from this process is wasted, that every part of the succulent (if I did it correctly) will be fruitful and provide me with even more greenery. There is nothing more that I want than a little succulent forest! Seriously, just imagine one of Bug's Peanut characters in amongst the trees ... I am just too excited, but I need to relax. It could take up to a week for everything to dry out, then another waiting game to see if baby plants will grow.
I did take them to the studio though, I mean if it's a waiting process they may as well lay pretty on my sewing machine, books, and window frame, right? 

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