Thursday, April 07, 2016

A Studio Update

We have finally been putting all of our craft supplies into our little studio/classroom. I have been trying to set up little corners and sections pending on how I would want to use them or so that things are somewhat together. I know I will probably be moving things around slightly as I find a space that appeals to me more, but right now, I am really loving this little space.
The closet would have to be my biggest triumph. Each shelf is devoted to a specific craft or supplies or reason!! I can go to the specific shelf if I need to do a certain craft. Organizing makes me feel so good.
I am loving this space so much. I am excited to write letters, finish novels, dry flowers, sew projects, craft with my lovely baby girl, read a nice book, and even paint. I am hoping that by creating a whimsical feel in this room that I will always want to continually come in here and work. I want to add a bulletin board where the clock is (that clock is actually my brother's) as well as add my art work and prints on the wall. I also need to fix the easel and put some paper on it so that I can be ready for whenever the creative bug strikes.

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