Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Toddler Art: What Bug Has Been Doing Lately Pt 2.

Bug has been a colouring crazy the last few days. Between lego and puzzles she fills her days with crayons, markers, pencils, and chalk - drawing and sketching, she fills her blank canvas with lines, hearts, circles, "kitties" and the odd triangle. I love her creative mind. 

Over the last few days we have expander her mediums to include sparkles and stickers, both which she loves immensely. Sparkles "sparklies" have now entered into our home and we find them on our feet at the end of the day. Stickers land mostly where she puts them, until she tires or wants to move it to a new location, then we find them on the floor, no longer sticky enough to stay where the toddler put them. 

I have captured several moments of Bug being creative. I love watching her figure out how to move her markers, realize how sticky glue can be, watch her marvel at the sparkles all over her hand. 
Sparkles are a beautiful thing. Having worked at a Retail store (with glittery cards or Christmas decorations) it was a rare day when I didn't come home tracking sparkles behind me. Now that Bug is old enough to enjoy this material, I am very pleased. I have not yet asked my husband if he has noticed them around. :) 

We moved her art table downstairs for the month. It is near one of our West facing windows so we get such lovely light. This is where she does most of her colouring and sparkle play. Play dough as well.
This picture was taken after a day of typing up her art materials around the house. I know that it won't stay this neat, but I do enjoy how every thing is lined up. We have a roll of paper that is taped up on the wall near our dining room table. It is usually the only space that she has to colour on our main floor, other than the dining room table itself.
Another monthly activity we have is colouring our calendar! Each month we get to colour a new page and Bug really likes to do so. Although she doesn't quite understand why we cannot colour the next page as well! :)
Sticker box!! Almost a year ago we got a box from Costco that Bug absolutely loved colouring in. We eventually end up throwing it out, but I am happy to report that she has a new box now. In one of these pictures you can see the amount of crayons she has in the box at one time, now just imagine her also sitting in it and that is usually how we spend our mornings. Colouring, stickers, squatting on crayons.
I just bought a plastic tray from IKEA the other day and it is my hope to get some sand, rice, shaving cream, and even paint (not all at once) so that Bug can play with other materials. I also really want to make some finger paint and chalk paint. xoxo

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