Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Maker Series: Cozyblue Handmade

Happiest of Wednesdays! I am eagerly doing a happy dance over here this morning. I have the lovely CozyBlue here on the blog this morning, and let me tell you, her embroidery is on point! haha - see what I did there? I seriously love the embroidery kits that she has designed; the texture and details that she puts into each piece is lovely! I really hope you enjoy liz from Cozyblue
Who are you, what do you do? 
my name is liz, and i'm a mother of two, an embroidery artist, illustrator and designer. 

What are you currently working on? 
my main focus for this year is on growing my embroidery pattern and kit lines, and continuing my cozybluestitchclub. my pattern-of the month subscription club challenges me to create brand new patterns each month , so i'm consistently sketching new designs and keeping things moving forward. deadlines are great motivation!

How, why did you start to make art?
i think like most of us, i started making art as a child. and then i just kept it up. it's something that i have always done, and for me is just another way of expressing myself. so it feels very natural and very essential.

Do you have a creative place where you work? How did you make it feel like a creative space?
i work from home, so my work is spread out everywhere! i do have a studio space in the basement with big work tables, all of my supplies and inventory, and my screen printing press. but for most of my embroidery work, i tend to take it around with me wherever i go. it's a portable craft and it usually fits nicely in a basket, so it's easy to take in the car, to the park, or to the couch to watch TV :)

Art class or self taught? 
totally self-taught

What is your favourite tool to use? 
at the moment, it's definitely needle and thread. but everything i do begins as a sketch, so pencil and pens are pretty important.

Where do you find inspiration? 
i believe inspiration is everywhere if you're ready to notice it. 
i'm very drawn to the natural world for many of my designs, but patterns and colors catch my eye and spark my imagination everywhere i look. some of my illustrations spring from my imagination, or simply from a feeling.  

When do you know something is done? 
that can be tricky! sometimes its very obvious, especially if i have a specific idea in mind before i begin my project. in that case, there's a finish point i'm trying to get to, and when i get there, i just know.
other times, i'll work on a piece and feel that there's something missing, so i'll just keep going and experimenting until it feels done.
i suppose either way, it's just a feeling that i have. a sense of having arrived and feeling satisfied with the way i've translated my idea into something tangible.

Describe your perfect day? 
perfect day ever:
wake up
sip some coffee outside on the porch
a morning run with the dog and my kids (they like to rollerblade or bike while i run)
and then just home for some creative work, reading, cooking, hanging out with my family.
i'm such a homebody. i just really love being home with my favorite people and surrounded by my favorite things.

Etsy Shop
I just love all the colours that Liz uses! Do make sure that you head over to her Instagram and send her some love - her feed is bright and filled with so much thread, its delightful! I also highly recommend checking out her Pinterest board!! These mini DIY Christmas ornaments are adorable, I need her in my life, the Sea Captain is great, and Home Girl is also a must! 

Thank you so much to Liz from Cozyblue, I so appreciate having you on the Knotted Home!! Not only is your packaging absolutely amazing, but I love the details that make up your patterns. Not to mention that pattern of the month subscription club sounds amazing!! Can I join?? 

If you would like to be a part of the Maker Series or if you know of someone who you think should be showing of their talents, please email me at knottedhome (at) hotmail (dot) com. The Maker Series  is a place of inspiration, encouragement, and support to those who want to craft, create, or live a homemade lifestyle. This series is all about creating a comfortable and inspirational place in which Makers can share their talents and inspire those who have ever dreamed of living a life supported by what they love to do. Creating. 

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