Monday, March 21, 2016

The Bullet Journal

Over the last little bit I have been hearing the words "bullet journal" over and over again. First it was when I was reading this lovely blog, and then I saw it on Pinterest, and over time it has began to pop up (so it seems) everywhere. The concept is so inspiring and lovely that it makes me want to join in and see if it is something that works for me and my lifestyle. 

I always have admired my sister who used to (still does?) journal every single day, a habit she has inherited from our mother who journals every morning. Over the years I have found that this not an activity that I enjoy. It is hard for me to reflect on the past day or just write my thoughts down. I mean, I can do it on this blog easily enough, but daily? No. 

The idea of the bullet journal appeals to me because its not just about my thoughts. I can put scripture, meal plans, books I want to read, things I look forward to during the week, chores, blog entries, etc. I can adapt it and make it work for me. I can draw and illustrate, making it look visual appearing and exciting for me to continually add to it. 

This is a project I am very excited for! I have not yet started, but it is my hope that I will continually keep you posted as to how I like it. xo 

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