Friday, March 11, 2016

Project 366 // Days 63 - 69

63. Sometimes I feel so proud of the lunches I make for my toddler. She ate everything but the celery! haha 
64. We have really been into letters again this week. Loving the letter "M" and the letter "Q."
65. I am extremely impressed with how well daffodils pressed for me. Excited for future crafting projects. :) 
66. Buggy posing with her two favourite dogs at the moment. The one behind is "Ruff" and the one in front is "puppy."
67. A quick snapshot of me working on a couple of things for my mother's store. 
68. Kitty. 
69. Mixing plant love with fish love - because, why not? And the plants help clean the water!! 

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  1. Those flowers are wonderful!! Wow! All of your photos are wonderful! We need a visit again very soon!