Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lovebug's "Big Girl" Room

Every single time I put together Bug's room, I am amazed at how much it changes. It is slowly turning from a room that I have put together for my little baby into a room that is indeed Bug. Her personality and character is in that room, the things that she loves are in that room. I am constantly finding toys in new homes and new teddy bears on her bed. I love that. It is the room that is forever changing.

Right from the beginning of this move, I tried my best to be very intentional about this space. Meaning, other than a few collector items put away on shelves, I tried to make this space a place that Bug could use with or without me every single day. I put aside toys she no longer enjoyed, tried to organize and showcase her favourite things, and we now try and keep it as tidy as possible. We moved into a much larger home than our previous apartment, and it is my goal to make every single room in this place kid/toddler friendly so that she can go and explore and, other than the stairs, have as much fun without me. Not that I want my kid to spend time without me, but I want this home to be safe, comfortable, meaningful, and practical for all ages.

I asked little Bug if I could take pictures of her room and she happily shouted, "sure!" Here is her little room. I hope you enjoy.
A lovely print from Art + Soul Creative Co
 Bug wanted her rose to hang on the wall. 
I did NOT put any of the toys on the shelf. ;) 
 Painting by my beautiful and talented Sister
 One of my favourite things about Bug's room is her closet. Built in cubbies hold her many storybooks, her clothes are arranged in an easy-to-find manner, and her dress up trunk is easily accessible for imagination play. 
Half way through all of my photos, Bug came into the room and started to play. I asked her some questions.

Me : Do you like your room?
Bug : Yeah!
Me : What is your favourite thing about your room?
Bug: All of the ponies.
Me : What do you like to do in your room?
Bug: *runs and jumps around her room, finds a balloon and throws it*
Me : Is there anything that you want to show or tell on Mommy's blog?
Bug : Baby needs clean diaper. *runs to doll*
There are stilly a couple of things that need to be hung on her wall, but that will be determined once we get her toddler bed in the room. My father is making one for her and I am so excited to see it in this space. I will definitely share when the bed is done being made. xo

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