Tuesday, March 01, 2016

February Favourites

March is Here! March is Here! I cannot believe it, but March is here! (I sung that in my head) 

How are you all doing? I am blown away that February is gone already, I feel like the last two weeks got swallowed up by ............... something. And now, here we are!! Do I say that every post? The year is going by way too fast, okay! 

February started off with some really awesome craft projects. I learned a new knitting stitch, worked on a granny square blanket, showed off the colours that January gave my Temperature Blanket, & had an amazing Maker on the blog this month. Then we got to the middle of the month and I got hit with the winter blues - so not cool. I didn't finish a single book (although I am in the middle of two) End of the month we took a little travel to see a dear friend, spent some time in nature, and updated a really cool room in my house! Things are look up. 

I have a couple more awesome projects planned for March that I cannot wait to show you guys. I also cannot wait to show you what the Temperature Blanket looks like now that February is gone behind us. Also, my brother is in town! YAY! So I am hoping we can do some city exploring while he is here. I also want to read more than I have been, and maybe bake some bagels! 

These are the top 10 posts of February. I hope you enjoy. 

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