Tuesday, February 02, 2016

January Colours : the Temperature Blanket

I am super excited to share these photos with you all today! I have been working on my Temperature Blanket for an entire month now and it is so cool to see all of the days displayed by colours. I really enjoy not working in a specific pattern with need to use certain colours at certain times, the freedom to just wait for the day arrive and see what the temperature high is awesome.

We had a + 9 day this month (that is the yellow!) and one really cold day (the purple), the rest is a mixture of my blues and greens, temperature ranging from +8 - -16. I am really excited to see what February has in store for us.

I also realized that I forgot to mention in my last post how long I decided to make this blanket. I am a huge fan of skinny and long blankets. The ones that are a great size for a simple lap blanket but then you can also wrap up in them several times over. So that is what I am making. I crocheted 101 chains across (31 inches wide) and the month of January has 31 rows making it 8 inches long so far! You can easily make it twice or even three times as long, and if you remember to crochet every single day and not let it build up like I do sometimes, this project will be an simple one to complete without it getting crazy out of hand.

I have crocheted this blanket for 31 days already and thought that it would be a good idea to document the process monthly as the year continues! I like the idea of looking back and see how much it grows monthly.
I do need to note that the different shades of blue that I have used are SO HARD to photograph! The last picture was the best that I was able to get to share the different colours I am using. The lighter blue is true to the original, but the darker blue is more of a teal colour that is not shinning as bright as I want it to.

Have any of you started this blanket? I would love to see photographs if you have. xo

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