Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Four Mondays Of: Breaking the Rules (Granny Blanket Work In Progress)

Happy Tuesday. I realized that I was supposed to post this yesterday, but better late than never, right? haha. Oh dear. I know that there are no rules for blogging except the ones I make for myself, so I am trying to get over it and just post my crafty pictures today instead of waiting for another Monday to come along. 

This past Sunday I started laying out the granny squares my mom passed on to me; a project she had found and had forgotten to finish. I loved the colours she choose so I was thrilled when she gave it to me. I really enjoy placing them on my floor, moving pieces around, and trying to find the best placement for each of the colours. 

I have almost got the blanket to the way that I want it, and then the stitching it together will begin. I cannot wait to see it all put together. Do any of you enjoy the process of putting something together? It reminds me of quilting which I actually really miss now, maybe I will have to start another project with fabric soon.  

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