Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What Spinach .... ? A Popsicle Recipe

I am not going to lie, my daughter is much better at eating her veggies than her daddy is, but even still, she does not like her leafy greens. I don't blame her, salads are sometimes a gross concept, and it is so painful to watch her chew her spinach over and over and over again, trying to get into a sizeable piece to swallow.

Last year I started to enjoy making green smoothies, throwing kale and spinach and making my liquid  drink bright green. That's when I clued in and started to throw spinach into my daughter's smoothies; hidden, but enjoyed! Hiding spinach in things is definitely not a new concept, but making smoothie popsicles is!

When Bug started teething (again!) she was craving something to chew on and something cold. Popsicles. Spinach popsicles. That taste like strawberries and yogurt! Smoothies that even the husband would enjoy eating. Done!

1 banana
Handful of strawberries and blackberries
2 Heaping Spoonful of Greek yogurt
1 frozen spinach ball (haha, that was funny to type) or a handful of fresh spinach
1 Cup - 1 1/2 Cups of WATER

Mix mix mix. Pour into popsicle containers. Freeze. Enjoy.

Note: Sometimes it's best to mix the spinach and the water first so that there aren't any chunky greens - I find this is an important step when dealing with fresh spinach, not as important with frozen.

Note 2: If you are making these for your kids and they have never had a veggie smoothie before, I recommend starting slow. A little spinach at first, then some carrots ... go slow.

Note 3: I used water because I didn't have any almond milk, you can use regular milk if you would like, I usually use water or almond milk because I don't like my smoothies being so thick!
Oh and there was leftovers, so Bug got some yummy spinach fruit smoothie to drink as well!! 
I hope you enjoyed. I cannot wait to try out new recipes, this classic spinach and fruit smoothie recipe has been a favourite in my family, but now I am feeling the itch to throw in new things ... like beets. Stay tuned. xoxo 

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