Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Daily Chores My Two-Year-Old Loves Doing

My little girl, Bug as we affectionately call her (short for Lovebug), really enjoys helping out with chores around the house. Whether it is a big chore, or something small, Bug wants to help out and be a part of everything that I do - which I love. I wonder if it is genetic or if it is a "girl" thing, but I used to be the same way according to my mother! 

I thought it would be such a cool thing to write here and share some of her favourite things to do with me. All of her "chores" are easy and simple, safe and supervised, and I thought it would be a great introduction to any toddler who shows an interest or if you want to get them started on easy ways that are more fun than chore. Right now, it is all a game to Bug, which is perfectly fine with me. Later on, when she is older and the chores are more boring, we will be establishing an allowance type thing which she can learn to spend half on something fun and on what she wants, while the other half we will teach her the importance of saving her money and we will put it into her bank account. 

Here are Bug's little chore list: 

1. Clean Up! - It is so important that I taught Bug the importance of cleaning up her toys after a day of fun, fun, fun. Even after she is done playing with something that has a lot of parts to it such as legos or her kitchen, we will clean it up before we begin another. Not only does this keep me sane, but it helps to make sure that we are not losing any pieces or creating such a chaotic atmosphere in our home that by night in takes hours to put away. I started this chore by singing a song (which apparently is a real song, I just didn't know the right words to it) and now it is a game, it is routine. We clean our toys as we go. 

2. Room Spray! - This is probably one of Bug's favourite things to do in our home. Using one or two drops of the Young Living Thieves Oil and a whole spray bottle full of water, I have created a safe, yummy smelling, air cleaning spray that she loves using. I mean, come one, who doesn't like spraying a bottle of "water" all over the house. This is a chore we do every other day or as needed. I do need to remind her to walk as she sprays because she will stand in one spot and just spray like mad, causing the floor to become a wet and slippery mess. We spray our beds, we spray by garbage cans, we spray every room. Definitely recommend this one. 

3. Wiping Surfaces! - This "chore" started when I didn't want to clean Bug's soggy cereal off the table. Gross! And so one day I joking showed her how to wipe her mess into the cloth, and it stuck. She actually enjoyed it so much that whenever she spills water or milk or anything (even pretend), she will run and grab the cloth. Now, to me anyways, there is a difference between an accidental spill and a spill made on purpose. Call me a party pooper, but if there are spills going on that are on purpose just for the sake of cleaning it up, that water bottle or food, will be removed. Accidents or the habit of wiping all tables and chairs that Bug has magically seemed to have developed by watching me, by all means, have at her. 

4. Unloading the dishwasher! - (ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT SHARP THINGS HAVE BEEN REMOVED - we don't put knives or anything along those lines  in the dishwasher, but I thought I should mention it). This is a chore that definitely takes longer with the help of my little girl, but I don't mind. She loves pulling out clean plates and cups and spoons and forks out of the dishwasher and hands them to me, which I then put away! It is a good system that we have created. 

5. Throwing "Yuckies" into the Garbage! - This is another one of Bug's favourite things to do. She even pretends she finds something gross on the floor and throws it away. Old cereal, old food, paper towels, broken crayons, or fluffs, she will throw away for me. I did have to monitor this in the beginning because she would just throw away anything, but now we have learned what is garbage and what is not, and anything questionable needs to be shown to mommy. 

6. Sweeping! - She only has a little swiffer broom from the dollar store, but it does collect dust so I do count it as a chore. She will just randomly pull it out and sweep around our coffee table. She has also learned to keep the swiffer part on the ground and not fling it around like a staff. 

7. Washing hands! - A must after meals. For her, not for me. We don't like sticky things on our hands. 

Those are probably what we do the most around here. Bug also loves putting away groceries, putting things in her hamper, giving me dirty dishes after meal time, picking out her own clothes, putting on socks, and brushing her hair - just to name a few. She just loves helping her mommy out whenever she can, and not only does it make me smile, but I also genuinely appreciate it. xo 

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