Friday, January 29, 2016

Project 366 // Days 15 - 28

15. I asked Bug what we should take a picture of today, so she brought me two things she thought should be documented. Fox's star on his paw and an art project. Perfect. 
16. They are cereal buddies.
17. A dining room sneak peek. Aquarium, little kitchen, espresso machine, and a yarn photo shoot.  
18. Another sunset, my favourite part of the day because we can actually see it through our windows!
19. Colouring on "Lambie" (Charles) and diffusing thieves kind of day. 
20. Working on lots of dishcloths! 
 21. One of the things that I wanted to read this month! And I did - more on that soon. 
22. Finally we went to IKEA and bought some frames for some of the art I have been wanting to hang. These Alice in Wonderland pictures came from a colouring book that my husband bought me years ago, these were the example pages, and I hoped that one day they would hang in our house.
23. A favourite corner in the living room. 
24. Failed bath bombs - but I don't really consider it a fail, they still make the bath an amazing place to be.
 25. Pretty Rochester swimming all around. 
26. BOOKS! I have been separated from the majority of my books for over two years (since we packed up for Oman) and I am so thankful that we are now in a bigger place so that I can have all of my "babies" together again. You call me crazy, but I am a book collector. Bug wanted me to take a picture of all of the boxes the books came with as well. 
27. Sometimes words cannot describe how much I like the sky.
28. A new project! I am very excited to be using my sewing machine again. 

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