Friday, January 15, 2016

Project 365 // Days 8 - 14

8. They like it when the snow falls down. 
 9. The newest addition to our family! Everyone, meet Rochester, the Beta.
 10. The Butterfly Cat is a rare species that has never been properly photographed due to the speed of its adorable glittery, pink wings. Upon sitting in our basement, I happened to look up and I saw one. I tried so hard to take a photograph, tried to be so fast, but her chubby baby legs and spotted tail was all that I could capture. Until next time, Butterfly Cat. 
11. I am making something pretty with yarn. 
 12. Our daily game. Run around the house with our strollers. It's a chase or maybe we are a train, whatever we are, she is laughing. Worth it. 
 13. God is so good. Just look at those clouds, what an amazing creator is He. 
 14. I highly recommend making popsicles. Not only is a great source of veggies ... what? I said fruit, didn't I? Yes ... fruit... (Your kids and husband will never know what you put in them!) Great for teething toddlers too! 

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