Monday, January 04, 2016

Project 365 // Days 353 - 365

353. Trying to remember this as my house is getting more and more packed up. It seems kind of sad that my home is filling up with boxes for the holidays - trying to remember that the home is where the heart is and tat my heart is where my family is.

354. Reading has taken over the majority of our days lately. It is pretty rare when we don't read more than five books in a day.
355. Trying to pack as much as possible before Christmas celebrations! I do not recommend moving in December. Definitively not my favourite thing to do during the holidays. 
356. Finishing up the last of our handmade gifts. 
357. Somebody surprised me and got her shoes on all by herself. Wrong feet and all!
358. Christmas Eve. We started a new tradition with Bug this year. Every Christmas Eve she gets to open her Christmas Eve box - in it: new pjs, some snacks, a "fancy" drink, and a movie to watch that night. She got some yummy goldfish crackers, tea, My Little Pony Pjs, and Rise of the Guardians.
359. Christmas morning and I made WIFESAVER! Yum. Merry Christmas, everyone!
360. Hanging out in the country for a day and a half - a very short visit, but a much needed one. **
361. There can never be too many ducks in a tub! **
362. Here is a picture of Bug's new room and one of her old. The last of Bug's things got moved out today. Going to miss that oddly shaped room.
363. Dry wall dust. 
364. We get creative when Mommy needs to clean and baby wants to colour. Thank goodness the Build A Bear bags are white!! 
365. New Years Eve. A great night spent getting dressed up, drinking some wine, doing some puzzles, and listening to Bug's laughter. Ps - she didn't make it to midnight. Pps. I almost didn't either. 
** Unfortunately, I did not take photos that day, but luckily my mother did!! Even though it is not completely accurate, you still get a taste of what were up too! 

I hope you all had a lovely 2015. Project 365 has taught me so many amazing things and it is so fund to be able to see what we were doing on such & such a day. I highly recommend that everyone should try it. I am going to keep it going for 2016! Until then, cheers! 

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