Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Favourites

My brother said it best when he asked, "Janu-where-y?" Seriously, January, where did you go. You are supposed to be the month that makes winter seem to last forever. You were supposed to be cold, snowing for days, and making us all miserable because we are so cold. And yet, the sun shined, snow melted, and we seem to be dancing around out of crazed happiness for what each new day brings to us. :) 

This month has been filled with so many wonderful things, I truly believe that is why it has felt like it has gone by so fast. We moved houses and are in that fun process of "where should things go." Our friends recently had a baby and I am so excited to meet him soon! We got a fish. I read a few books (I will write more about that later). I have been working on a temperature blanket that makes knowing the weather of the day really fun. Bug has been amazing and her personality is growing and growing. We had family who came up and stayed with us. I got some of my old books back from storage. And the weather has been so incredible, no wonder I am in a happy mood. 

One thing that has made me extremely happy this month, however, is the fact that you, dear readers, have went over and beyond with liking and loving my posts that I have written. The amount of times these posts were shared, or liked, or commented on, basically made all of my other months look silly. I have felt this community grow so much in January and I am so excited to see how we will continue to grow throughout the rest of the year! Thank you! 

Here are the top ten posts that you guys have LOVED this month! I hope you enjoy and I hope you look forward to February!   

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