Friday, January 08, 2016

2016 Goals

Yay! New year, new goals! I like this part of the year when people start writing out their goals or Bucket List or resolutions. Whatever you want to call them. I really enjoy the process of sitting down, thinking about all that I want to accomplish or change or add to my lifestyle. Very refreshing. Now, I know that there is no way that I could possibly come up with a complete list in one or two sittings or even if I had an entire week to write it out; but its a start, and that is all that matters. Life is forever changing and I am always coming across so many things that I want to learn or do, so this list will never be complete. And that is quite alright with me. 

2016 Goals
  • read two - five books a month
  • read Happiness Project every month
  • write more personal pieces like this & this
  • bake bagels
  • take more family adventures
  • listen to more audio books
  • start an etsy store
  • make a temperature blanket
  • meal plan 
  • garden
  • be more intentional 
  • write every day
  • make sushi
  • build a terrarium 
  • work on my latte art
What are some of your goals? What would you like to learn or accomplish in 2016? xo

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