Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Support Small

Tis the season to shop! Shopping, shopping, shopping. 

The malls are jam packed with people, the parking lots are a mess, and roads, well let's face it, who wants to go out on them when they are busy? I know that there isn't a lot of time left before Christmas day arrives, however, I wanted to come on here still and talk about something that is so important to me. 

Supporting small businesses. 

Now is the time, more than ever, to support locally owned stores, friends who own Etsy stores, friends who craft or bake! There is something so special about knowing that the gift I received has not only been given because the receiver thought I would like it, but that also they have supported someone else in the process. I love that. Supporting small and fair-trade or companies that help others are my absolute favourite things to do and I cannot stress enough how important it is to do so. 

I know this message is coming out a little too late, we are getting to the point where it is getting harder and harder for things to be mailed in time for Christmas: however, regardless, I encourage you to think outside of the box on ways you can support your community around you. I have a friend who just started to sell her baked goods - a box full of homemade macaroons would make a perfect present for someone. My Aunty is talented in making beautiful wood wall signs - perfect. Or go down town, visit the local shops, see what you can find. This is the time to go out and see what your town has to offer. 

It is never too late to support a small business. Here is a list of my current favourite Etsy stores - do note that I have no idea if they can ship before Christmas - you will have to message them directly. 
I would rather not receive a gift on Christmas day if it meant that it was coming or being made by someone that I was supporting. It is not about the 25th, (Christmas is not about gifts, believe it or not) it is about the thought, the love, community, family, and the real reason for the season. I would to know where you like to shop this time of year.  xo

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