Thursday, December 17, 2015

Project 365 // Days 339 - 352

339. Pretty reflections on the wall in Bug's room. 
340. A pretty big book for a pretty big goofball! How can she read with the book that close? ;) 
341. Downton while folding mounds of laundry. Eep. 
342. Early mornings are hard. 
343. Got to do a little family photo shoot, it was fun, even despite the rain coming down!
344. We have been getting lots of snow lately. 
345. Late evening snuggles and story time - this is the best time of the day. 
346. Another light reflection. 
347. She likes her new necklace. 
348. I like mine too! Too bad I borrowed it from a friend. 
349. Bug's family birthday party day! She had a blast and I did too. There is nothing better than having a house packed full of loved ones! 
350. The balloons are taking over my home!! and I don't mind it. 
351. New books and cracker party! 
352. This may be Bug's favourite gift from the weekend - little Charlie Brown and his friends and town play set. 

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