Monday, December 07, 2015

Our Christmas Setup

Today I wanted to share how we have decorated for Christmas this year. I have to admit, not all of our decorations or nativities made it out of their boxes, because I realized, half way through setting up everything, that I just don't have the room for it all. Which is alright, it is what it is, and I made the hard choice of figuring out what stays behind in boxes and what I was able to display.
Bug loved setting up the tree. Once she realized that it was okay to put items onto the tree she went crazy. Love seeing her excitement. And of course, she loves her purple Christmas tree in her room. We turn it on for every nap (around 2pm) and we leave it on for the rest of the night. Any room can look magical with Christmas lights on.
I decided to put our Christmas Stockings on our bookshelf this year. Our Christmas stocking holders are parts of a little village scenery and I decided to create a little village with it. 

For the shelving by the coffee bar, I brought out some of my snowman figurines and another nativity to fill the empty places of my fall decor. Super simple, yet it makes me really happy. 
Super simple, super wonderful, I am having a lovely time this December. One day I will have more room to decorate and put out every single Christmas piece that I have, but until then I am enjoying every bit of what I have now. xo 

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