Saturday, December 05, 2015

Gifts That Mean Just A Little Bit More

Part of Christmas tradition is in fact the joy of buying presents for family and friends, loved ones and dogs, neighbours and coworkers, and everyone in between. Now, depending on when I start the gift shopping process, I can either be extremely excited about it or very irritated by it. I am not a crowds person at all. If a shop has too many people, or the mall is busy and bustling, where some people find that energy exhilarating, I find it completely exhausting! 

Believe it or not, but I actually start thinking about the gifts that I want to buy for others in June or July. I just get way too excited to leave it for December. And in November, I start to make plans and to-do lists to make sure that I nab everything that I intended for the specific person before I have to deal with crazy crowds. There are a few exceptions, but I do try to think ahead and plan out my shopping trips - it is always my hope that my gifts are bought with that person in mind and intentionally. I hate feeling scrambled and just settling with something that I don't even know if they will like. 

One of the things that I kept coming back to this year was the idea of buying gifts that mean a little something more. There are so many amazing companies out there that support Fair-trade, helping to give water or shoes who don't have the access, supporting women around the world to get out of tough situations, and gifts that are kind to our planet! This is what I love and I love that there are so many out there who see the need in our world. 

I have made a little list of my favourite companies that support others around the world. It is so important to think of others this time of year - and I don't just mean in your extended family, although that is important too. I love to think of how I can help the world with purchases that I make. There are so many ways that you can do this, but here are a few of my favourites stores. 

TOMS // is a lovely company that has a One For One statement in which every time a product is purchased, someone in need is helped. They help to provide shoes, sight, water, safe childbirth, and bully prevention.  
Color By Amber // This is a new-to-me company that I recently had the privilege of being introduced to. Not only does CBA help the environment with the ecoresin made from 40% of recyclable materials, but one-third of the interlayers are made from women in the Full Circle Program which CBA does buy, AND then 10% of the net proceeds from CBA goes back to help support the Full Circle Program. If you would like to learn more about this company, feel free to email me at .
Dignify // This is a company that helps women who have previously lived on the streets, giving them a second chance. My mother was the first person who introduced me to the lovely company of Dignify. Last Christmas she gifted me a beautiful blanket that was made by a lovely woman by the name of Babli. Wait, how do you know that her name was Babli, Emily? Because that is another wonderful thing about Dignify, the woman who puts together the blanket that you have purchased signs her name to a little tag on the back of the blanket. Then you can look up her name on the Dignify website and read her story! So great!! They also have beautiful hand-stiched Christmas stockings!
Ten Thousand Villages // this is a lovely company that provides opportunities for artists in developing world countries to sell their products and earn an income. One of my favourite places to visit is Ten Thousand Villages, there are always so many unique and lovely treasures, it always smells so good, and I love their coffee!

I would absolutely love to hear your favourite companies that support organizations or communities around the world. Feel free to leave a comment and I would gladly check them out. xo

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