Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Maker Series: Pink Thicket Pottery

I am so very excited to share with you a dear friend's beautiful pottery! I first found Dee on Etsy when her products were under a different name, and I fell in love with the collages that she created instantly. Something about the way she used colour, it spoke volumes to me - so I messaged her, I was curious if she wanted to be a part of the Maker Series. What I didn't know is that she would soon become a great friend and that we would spend many emails writing back and forth to each other talking about everything under the sun. I love the pottery that she creates now and I hope you do. Please enjoy getting to know my dear friend, Dee from Pink Thicket Pottery. xo 

"Between our five children, working from home, running a small urban farm in North Carolina, as well as fixing up an old house in which we hope to sell and move back to the Northwest (my heart home), my Luv and I find that since there is so much going on in our day to day, creating and being creative have become scheduled and less spontaneous than it used to be. Even though we know it’s always a pleasurable, meditative, and healing experience. It is quite wonderful to have encouraging people, like Emily from the Knotted Home, and so many others like her who love what I do and want to be involved in my journey as an artist. Thank you for reading my story! 
I believe that creating began for me as a small child, as it does for most artists. Perhaps creativity is in the genetics of every child, and sometimes it fades with the act of growing up. Throughout school, my schedule became filled with homework assignments and career goals, so my creating became less and less. I grew up, got married, had kids, as well as some disappointing and hard life experiences, all which lead me to the desire of wanting to create again. 

Sometimes life’s ugly bits cause beauty to come forth in strange ways. My then husband and I separated. I took some evening art classes at a local college in Edmonton Alberta, where I was living at the time. Even in the midst of losing my husband, beauty began to emerge and creativity became a portion of my healing. I was drawing, painting, and carving again! 
I am going to fast forward a little bit: I met my Luv, and now husband, opened a pretty little tea house, let go of my pretty little tea house, moved to Vancouver, and then moved again to North Carolina to be close to my Luv’s family. During our time living in the South, creating became more and more important to me. “Bloom where one is planted” in spite of how one feels about their location which, I believe, requires a creative mind. I opened a small Etsy shop where I sold paintings, collage and mixed media pieces, yearly calendars, and some pretty ceramic feathers. It has been six years since I opened that shop and I still have a few items there for sale. 
Recently my husband built me a lovely website and online shop of my very own for my ceramics. My love of hand-building ceramics has allowed my collection of ceramics to grow, such as my pinch pots, mugs, little boxes, vases, coasters, and ornaments of various types. I began using a wheel last winter and hope to have some of the high-quality creations made on it making an appearance on my website in the near future. 
By the time a piece is in my shop, I have been working on it’s prototype for months, giving away many of its initial pieces, until I am happy with the result and the quality is high enough to sell. It amazes me how many items I do end up giving away or throw out, but after a while of working with each piece, it finally becomes what I envisioned. Every piece in my shop has a handmade yet quality look and feel to it which is exactly what I aim for. I definitely don’t want my work to look as if it came off an assembly line, but I also want it to be aesthetically pleasing. High quality with the perfect mix of my handprint on it. Perfection is overrated and life is not perfect, so it is with handmade art, however, there should be a quality and beauty in it that shows the uniqueness of each item that cannot be made in assembly lines. 
I love making beautiful things and sharing my work with people who see its value. It’s wonderful having my own tiny studio on our urban farm in North Carolina, my own online shop and website, even if it is a bit of a challenge at times to keep up with everything. I would tell any young maker to do what you love, the money will follow, and to take whatever circumstances you find yourself in to bring out the creativity inside of yourself. Art is healing to oneself and to others. It has a beauty that is transcendent. I hope to create well into old age. 

I love this quote: “Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and indecent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.” - Henri Matisse (1869-1954)"
Oh man, doesn't her house look like something out of a dream! I highly recommend following her on Instagram if you want to see more of her dreamy house and lovely products. She has an eye for photography: the combination of colours and textures and plant life and pottery is stunning. 

I absolutely adore her feather incense burners, these mermaid scale pots, this faux bois vase, AND I think that the "your face" coasters are an absolutely brilliant idea. How cute would it be to have your tea sitting on your face? Oh I love it. 

Thank you so much, Dee, for being a part of the Maker Series. I was an absolute honour to learn more about you, to hear your story, and to share it all on Knotted Home. Make sure you go send her some online love!!

If you would like to be a part of the Maker Series or if you know of someone who you think should be showing of their talents, please email me at knottedhome (at) hotmail (dot) come. The Maker Series  is a place of inspiration, encouragement, and support to those who want to craft, create, or live a homemade lifestyle. This series is all about creating a comfortable and inspirational place in which Makers can share their talents and inspire those who have ever dreamed of living a life supported by what they love to do. Creating. 


  1. Thank you so much for doing this post! I love your blog and your support for the arts community! Your blog is so beautiful, dear friend! <3

    1. No, thank you, Dee!! You are so supportive and so encouraging! I am really glad that you love your post and my blog! Thank you.