Thursday, November 19, 2015

Project 365 // Days 218 - 324

318. Captured : the cuteness factor of Bug watching My Little Pony while wearing her hood and eating an apple! What a cutie. 
319. All of a sudden, Bug has been really into all puzzles. She likes them and can figure out exactly where each number should go. Now we are working on colours and trying to get her to remember "4" when we count to 10. I am very impressed with everything she has been able to learn so far, completely blows me away. 
320. I finally worked on some packages that needed to be mailed out a while ago. Hooray for mail!
321. Habits of drinking tea and sitting on cupboards were adopted while we were at my parent's house. Now they are routine here. 
322. A messy house is a happy house. RIGHT? 
323. Got the Christmas Tree up! I thought this would be a simple task of 'just' putting up the Christmas Tree, but we ended up moving the entire living room around. Sorry, Husband. 
324. Woke up this morning to some fresh snow on the ground. Bug told me outside was 'broken.' I told her it was snow. 

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