Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday Ambiance

With boxes pulled out for Christmas decorating, and furniture in new places around the room, our house feels like it has been in shambles lately. We had to move our living room furniture all around in order to fit the tree in the corner by the window - that was something I didn't see happening - and now we are all adjusting to the new layout. Where change is good and sometimes moving furniture makes me happy, I am been having a hard time adjusting to this kind of change, it just feels forced and less intentional.

However, since we had our Christmas bins out for a while, we have been slowly putting decorations out. Nativity here. Lights on the tree. Snowman figurine there. Slowly, and surely, the ambiance of my home is filled with awe and wonder, the excitement filling the air as two almost-two-year-olds holler out loud how pretty the tree is. And today I overheard them talk about the manger scene together, sweet baby Jesus with his mommy and daddy and lamby.

Suddenly, this room doesn't feel so bad. It doesn't seem forced and it does feel intentional. I am filling this room with memories old and new, with exciting colours, learning moments, an Jesus. Suddenly, it doesn't bother me so much that my television is now resting on my coffee table, all pushed back in the corner. Not today, not with the Christmas lights dancing on the walls, toys mixed together with ornaments, children running and laughing. With two toddlers (I watch a little boy sometimes) filling my home with laughter and excitement, pointing at all the colours on the tree, and singing songs loudly today, I remembered how much I love this time of year.
I will be giving a little Christmas Tour once we have finished decorating. Thanks for reading. xo 

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