Friday, October 30, 2015

Sunset & Pumpkin Contest Reminder

Happy Friday! Bug and I have been having a blast spending major quality time out in the countryside with Opa and Mimi the past couple of days. And even though I have been working helping my mother with her store, I find that my blogging has dwindled a little due to how completely relaxed I have been feeling. I wanted to let you all know that we are doing well, having a great time, and (I hope) next week will be a much more product week. Especially since NaNoWriMo will be back on!

I also wanted to remind you all that I am having a Pumpkin Contest! All photographs of your pumpkin creations NEED to be sent today before midnight, so that I can sort through them all. It is my hope to post all of my favourite pumpkin pictures tomorrow on my blog as well as announce the WINNER! I will be sending a handmade prize to the winner and I am so very excited for seeing everyone's photographs. You can either email me at your pumpkin pictures or post them on the Knotted Home's Facebook Page.

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