Friday, October 23, 2015

Pumpkin Guts & Seeds

One of the things I was most excited to experience with Bug this year was the awesome joy of carving a pumpkin. Oh my goodness, yesterday we had such a blast (me more than her) taking all of the guts and goo, the innards of our wacky pumpkin out and placing them into bowls. These are the kinds of moments that I live for.
Bug soon realized that she didn't like sticking her hands into the pumpkin. I think the idea of it freaked her out a little bit, because the photo above is the ONLY picture I was able to get with her hand inside the pumpkin. haha. She had such a great time playing with the guts and seeds once they were out though.
Later on in the evening, I decided to bake the pumpkin seeds we pulled out of the pumpkin earlier. I washed them, patted them dried, added salt and butter, and baked at 350 degrees until they started turning golden. So good.
We still need to paint or carve our pumpkin. I still have no idea what to do, but at least the innards are out. We are ready for inspiration to strike. Also, just in case any of you guys decided to carve or decorate or bake your pumpkin "early," there is a Pumpkin Contest that I am having! I am looking for any pumpkin related creations, sent to my email, and the winner will receive a handmade gift from me! Feel free to click here for more information, I would love to see what or how you use pumpkin this month! xoxo 

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