Thursday, October 22, 2015

Project 365 // Days 290 - 296

Day 290. We have been really into play-doh lately, it is our new morning activity.
Day 291. So much to do before the weekend comes: crafts, crafts, crafts. 
Day 292. Using up the last of the garden tomatoes. Yum. 
Day 293. Corn maze with the family. This day was full of so much fun.
Day 294. We found all six My Little Pony stickers (only three plus Spike are shown in the picture) and Bug wanted them all on her arms. 
Day 295. We got a pumpkin! Just a little guys but I am really excited to see Bug playing with his guts seeds. 
Day 296. Our lovely friends invited us over to their place for a hot dog roast. It was so nice and I am happy that we got one more fire in this year! (hopefully more ... you never know) 

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