Thursday, October 15, 2015

Project 365 // Days 283 - 289

Day 283. Just look at how cute these guys are? I am so happy that Bug was gifted them. It is my hope to get a little Christmas tree for her room. :) 
Day 284. The trees near our apartment are so pretty right now. I could lay under them for hours. 
Day 285. It's a RACE! Actually, they were honking at each other very loudly, so it might have been a fight, but I caught them in action anyways. 
Day 286. I told Bug that I needed to go empty the dishwasher. This is how she told me to stay. So I did. Dishes can wait another day. 
Day 287. Getting ready to make some Love Knot Necklaces for Christmas! So excited. 
Day 288. heehee, this has to be my favourite photo of the week. Little shoes and leaves, how perfect! 
Day 289. Some pretty morning light in Bug's room. I love this little corner. 

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