Thursday, October 01, 2015

Project 365 // Days 269 - 275

Day 269. Spotted. A ladybug who did not want our help crossing the road. 
Day 270. Duck Butt & clouds. 
Day 271. I am sorry if I am annoying you with all of the pictures from the necklaces that I make. I am just really enjoying the process of it all and the fact that there are no two alike. 
Day 272. Pretty flowers at the zoo. 
Day 273. A little DIY that I am working on. Man, it is hard painting a straight line!
 Day 274. This is as close as we have gotten to a farm lately. Sigh. We are so missing it. Today I have been feel very ill (yay fall colds!) so we played with animals and read stories.
Day 275. We found some very pretty daisies on our walk, still thriving and going strong!

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