Tuesday, October 06, 2015

My Kitchen Tour + I Love Biscotti

Woo hoo. Today is the day that I finally show off my kitchen here on the blog world. It has been a long wait, but finally I got a handle on my dishes ... almost. Okay, let's face it, if I waited until every single dish was washed before I took these pictures, this post would NEVER happen. There is always a dish or two hanging around, waiting to be washed. 

Today felt like a good day, however, and I was inspired. I even baked biscotti!! Before I take you through the little tour of my kitchen, here are a couple updated photos of my coffee bar area. I am really enjoying the oranges, reds, and copper that is filling up my home - feels very fall! 
There you have it. That little thing is where I do all of my cooking, baking, and washing dishes in! Its pretty small, but it has a lot of counter space, for which I am thankful. And it's cozy.

If you, dear readers, came over for a real visit today, I would have been able to serve you some almond biscotti. I stumbled upon a recipe for gingerbread biscotti in a cookbook the other day that made me remember how much I enjoy the cookie. I quickly searched for an easy recipe online to make some, and realized that biscotti is NOT that hard to make. At all. And after tasting it I realize that homemade is even better than store-bought, as is everything. 
The recipe I used for the almond biscotti is this one, however, I didn't have any almond slices so I ignored that part of the recipe. There is a lot of sugar in biscotti, I find, so this will have to be a treat every once in a while for me, although I am so tempted to try every single recipe I find right now. I don't even like dipping it in tea or coffee (I think that's weird!), I enjoy eating it as it is, crunchy and plain. This recipe looks amazing and I would love to try a gingerbread one. Do you like biscotti? Is there a recipe that you have tried that you would recommend?
Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed my little kitchen tour. xo


  1. So lovely! You've done a great job in a small space. Wonderful cook books. And the biscotti looks fabulous!

  2. Wow! Great pics! I have never considered baking biscotti...this has opened up a world of possibilities now...lol. thanks for sharing!

    1. Right??? Oh man, You will enjoy the process - and the result! So very yummy. xoxo