Saturday, October 03, 2015

Baby Legs :: Undertaking Creativity

Oh how I have missed you, dear knitting! Back in July, I told myself that I needed to focus on doing things in my life that make me happy. Knitting has always been something that I enjoyed, yet it was easily put aside for something new and exciting. I like setting myself goals and challenges to go outside of my comfort zone, but lately I have needed to go back to my old ways with yarn. 

This has been a project that I worked on a long time ago, stopped, lost the pattern, and then recently started when a friend of mine had a baby girl. Baby leg warmers. How appropriate and lovely. I have only made a pattern that works for 0-3 months, but I am forever experimenting. 
The top two colours (green and pink) are the sets that I have finished lately. I am also working on a yellow and grey (below) but the set has not been complete yet. I find that if I finish one leg in one colour, and switch the colour to work on another set, allows me not get bored of a specific colour.

I got carried away at my local yarn store and bought a bunch of different colours to make these baby legs with. I am so very excited to have a stockpile of these cute guys.
October: Pumpkin Love

I am so excited to carve and decorate pumpkins with our little girl this year. I really think she will love pulling out the goo and seeds, as well as seeing the t-lite inside of it. Ooh, so excited. I am also excited to eat the pumpkin seeds! That is something my dad always did, such a happy tradition. Below are a couple of wonderful pumpkin decorating pictures that I have been LOVING. Also, if any of you are planning on carving or painting or using pumpkin in decorations or recipes, feel free to check out my pumpkin contest! xoxo
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