Thursday, September 24, 2015

Project 365 // Days 262 - 268

Day 262. This awesome pumpkin photo is NOT mine. My mother sent it to me, but I did crochet that pumpkin thought. It made me so happy to see it displayed so pretty in a glass jar. 
Day 263. Gorgeous clouds filled with colour and texture. Saw a tiny bit of Heaven that day. 
Day 264. Bug and I went rock picking down by the bay pond. We also saw muskrats and ducks so it was a pretty cool outing. 
Day 265. I did a very cute photo shoot involving buttons and nature for an upcoming project. It was so cute seeing these buttons scattered throughout our yard. 
Dat 266. The time has come to change the decorations around. The season of fall is here and I felt that it was time to put my blue-toned items away and bring out the reds and oranges and whites. 
Day 267. A Tim Horton's run and driving to the pond. We saw geese today, which was so very exciting for me. I was worried that they were long gone. Their winter cry is so heartbreaking to me. 
Day 268. Today is craft day. I have a very sore throat and lots of projects that need to do. I hope I can find enough energy to do them all. 

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