Friday, September 18, 2015

Project 365 // Days 255 - 261

I cannot believe today is Friday. Oh my goodness. This week has been one of my most productive weeks (crafting & household chores wise) that I have had in a long time. Because of that, however, the days have all been smooshed together, and I marvel at the date. Friday just came way too fast. 

Day 255. Shadow walks are the best kind of walks - we like waving to ourselves! 
Day 256. This scrub still smells amazing and it has been three weeks! Bug and I are so impressed. 
Day 257. Photo shoot for a DIY post I did last week. I am still amazed at how well my phone takes pictures. 
Day 258. Trying to take advantage of our little pond more and more. The weather is getting slightly colder, but the autumn colours are making it hard for us to stay inside. 
Day 259. I love this candle holder. I need to buy more t-lites though. 
Day 260. Getting these beauties ready to sell, finally! Christmas is almost here ...
Day 261. I love the texture in the sky! I didn't need to edit this photo - just gorgeous. 

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