Thursday, September 03, 2015

Project 365 // Days 234 - 247

Day 234. I cannot get enough of the beautiful painting my sister created for little Bug. The colours are just gorgeous and I cannot help but stare at it whenever I enter Little's room. 
Day 235. We have been cleaning & organizing Bug's room lately - just time to change things around.
Day 236. We are camping!!!! Bug is a great little helper!
Day 237. a) A pretty little river found in the mountains! b) An unexpected detour with some pretty fog, talk about a moody, and gorgeous view. 
Day 238. Just making some apple sauce and swooning over those cute fox pepper & salt shakers. Thanks Mom!
Day 239. Apple sauce turned into a two day process, but gosh it is delicious and so very easy. I did not add sugar or cinnamon at all.
Day 240. Our little crab apple tree.
Day 241. I recently brought this down for Bug to play with. She is so gentle and absolutely loves all the rooms. 
Day 242. On a little road trip and the sunset turned the world into a magical and beautiful place. God is so great!
Day 243. haha I wasn't intending for this picture to be the photo for this day, but I cannot help smile at it every single time I see it. Husband and I were playing Rook with some dear friends of ours, and I actually won the bid (something I try not to do, because I get so nervous). I had an idea of how I was going to play, yet I still wasn't 100% sure, so I took a picture of what I put into the Kitty - just in case I lost horribly and needed some pointers. Turned out I won (and helped my husband gain points in the process - thanks, partner!) that round. This picture just makes me so happy, it was a great night of games with friends. I just realized that this ramble will make no sense to anyone who hasn't played Rook before - so if this makes no sense, I highly recommend that you pick this game up. It is easily one of my favourite things to do with these two pals + husband.
Day 244. These pretty flowers made the long journey home! I am just going to give them a bit of water to perk up a bit. 
Day 245. I reorganized Bug's little reading corner. I would have loved a little area like this as a child.
Day 246. I am so thankful to every friend & family member who blesses us with vegetables from the garden. Even my husband stated that he loves how our fridge looks like a farmer's market! 
Day 247. Shadows on my wall!

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