Monday, September 07, 2015

Four Mondays of : A U T U M N ~ D I Y

I don't think there is anything that really screams fall like pumpkins do! I am not a huge fan of pumpkin pie, however, I love pumpkin in stews as well as pumpkin spiced drinks. Huge fan. Like come on, Starbucks, bring out your fall drinks already. Sigh.

Since I am currently in the mood for all things fall, I decided to pick up my orange yarn and come up with something to fit the season. Crocheted pumpkins? Yes please!
I was first introduced to this pattern last year, but it is easily my favourite one. I find this pattern so easy to follow and it takes no time at all to make these lovely pumpkins.
I hope you enjoyed this pattern as well as the start to all things autumn! As always, I would love to see any projects that you start inspired by what you see on this blog. How are you planning on decorating for fall? 

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