Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Day At The Zoo

On Sunday the 27th, the City of Edmonton had a free Admission day for many of the attractions the city has to offer. We found out that the Valley Zoo was one of the lovely places that was free that day, so we decided that we had to take advantage of such a deal. Bundling Bug up, we headed out, and with rain and sunshine (oddly), we took great delight in sharing this experience with our little girl. 
This "kitty" was probably one of Bug's favourite animals of the day. Whenever the Serval Cat would disappear around the corner, Bug would say "Where" and we would walk to another part of the enclosure to see if we could spot him again. 
"Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree ..."
Lucy was probably my favourite animal to see. I love elephants. My family rounded a corner when we saw Lucy walking to another enclosure. She came so close me that I could have easily reached out my hand to touch her. It was amazing. My husband kept saying, "take a picture, you are missing your chance," but I just couldn't. It was the most amazing, sad, happy thing and I didn't want to waste a second of it by taking a picture. Lucy is just lovely. 
Now, here is a very sad tale. This beautiful Bald Eagle named Zeus lost his wing when he was a little bird. Trampled on by animals, his wing was too messed up to be saved. Zeus has a home at the zoo now, but what a sad fate to have ... to not be able to fly high in the sky. 
After we saw so many lovely animals, we stopped at Wild Earth Cafe to enjoy a hot chocolate on the way home. Our fingers were a bit cold from our two hour walk, but we immensely enjoyed our experience. 

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