Thursday, August 20, 2015

Project 365 // Days 227 - 233

Day 227. Bug and I like to make Siri sing for us! 
Day 228. Our latest craft is on the blog! We had so much fun painting these pinecones and now I cannot stop thinking and getting excited for Fall ... and Christmas! 
Day 229. The sun setting on beautiful farm scenery. I left a part of my heart there.
Day 230. Grandma bought Bug a picnic table! Hooray! I am so happy that it fits into our backyard.
Day 231. I found a coat that I want so bad at the gift show! Ahh! 
Day 232. Three apples sound like a perfect snack for a little girl.
Day 233. All dressed up; Pinky in one hand (who also had a diaper on!) and an apple in another.

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