Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Four Monday Of : A D V E N T U R E

Wait, a Four Mondays Of post on a Tuesday? heehee I got so busy yesterday that I completely forgot to write a post for Monday. However, it kind of worked out in my favour. Yesterday I had the wonderful privilege of attending a retail event with my mother. It was a exciting day filled with meetings, products, coffee, walking till our feet hurt, more meetings, thinking, oohing and awing, more coffee and a lovely time spent with my mother. It was such a good day. Since this was for work, I unfortunately could not bring Bug with me, however she had such a lovely day with her daddy. Together they conquered the city! When I came home they were both fast asleep on the couch cuddling, completely exhausted from their travels. Lucky for me they took lots of pictures and I would love to share a little of their adventure together.  
Bug loves water. Whoever thought "hey, lets make a park with water" was a brilliant being. We love spray parks in our family and since we have hit a strange heatwave, we will making our way to one a couple times of week I am sure. Another new love for Bug - climbing. She is climbing everything lately and it is so funny. She is so cautious yet so adventurous, I don't know whether I should be discouraging or encouraging her. I watch with a careful eye, but if this is something that she finds joy in, as long as she is careful, she can climb whatever the heck she wants too. We may have this goal for her in mind ! xoxo 

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