Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Behind the Scenes - The Drying Process

Walking has become our favourite thing to do in our family. I think our time out on the farm really increased our love for the activity. Before we walked to reach a certain destination with a specific purpose in mind. At the farm, we slowed down, we walked the puppies, we pointed at the fun new things, we collected rocks, we picked flowers, and we breathed.

Bug had her own personal collection of things that she found and fell in love with - I forgot to photograph. She sat for hours going through her rocks, pinecones, and flowers; continually deciding which ones were her favourites. I also had a huge pile of things that I fell in love with.

Each flower I dry in different ways, some are put in glass right away, some lay flat, and some get hung, and some I even press. By no means are any of these necklaces complete (only the blue flower one I liked first try and gifted to a friend) but I wanted to share with you a little bit of the process that goes behind how I make my necklaces.
I have bags and piles of dried or pressed flowers in my home right now. I try to keep it somewhat contained but its hard to do when I don't have a studio space. I love playing with them and see what comes of it. Even if the end result turns out to be horrible, I never know until I try. The next step for these necklaces is to add and take away, to play with colours and height. Until its just right.
Do you have a favourite of the collection? What other flowers do you think I should play around with? What other mediums (bones, bugs, etc) would you like to see more of? I love hearing what you all love. xo 

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