Thursday, July 23, 2015

Project 365 // Days 199 - 205

Day 199. After being finishing being read to, Bug told her daddy that she was finished with her little Snow White book, so her daddy put it on the table. She was not satisfied with it being on the table though, so she picked it up and put it away on the book shelf. I thought it was hilarious. 
Day 200. Working on a new-to-me project. It is so very pretty. 
Day 201. I made pizza. mmm 
Day 202. A new tree, hopefully will adapted well to its pot.
Day 203. Bug needed ALL of her clips in her hair.
Day 204. I found this little guy on the ground during a walk, so I brought him home of course. 
Day 205. Friends that colour together are friends forever. I am so thankful we spent the early afternoon outside, because now it is raining. 

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