Thursday, July 09, 2015

Project 365 // Days 185 - 191

Day 185. I got to see an amazing tent my father has been building in his backyard. I will be sharing the entire tent on the blog tomorrow (Friday!) 
Day 186. Reorganizing all of my embroidery thread. I accidentally knocked it over a couple of weeks ago and everything got mixed. 
Day 187. Somebody decided to make her carseat a reading chair. Bug stayed in it for such a long time -  books in hand, cheerios and water in seat pockets. 
Day 188. It started raining and these flowers looked so lovely, I had to take a picture. 
Day 189. My father bought me this gorgeous brooch when he was in Europe. Such a lovely piece of jewellery! 
Day 190. Bug wanted to draw everything this morning. With the smallest piece of paper and a green crayon, she just stood and studied the outdoors, muttering to herself, and every once in a while made a line on the paper. Future artist, perhaps?
Day 191. Ornamental Sage growing in between the bricks. 

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